Woody Allen Got Elle Fanning Down To Her Panties

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earl-jonas - December 12, 2019


Not only am I a big fan of Woody Allen's movies, but I consider him to be a personal mentor, and am so in awe of my dude that he got Elle Fanning to strip down to her underwear for his 2019 movie A Rainy Day In New York. The ol' bastard. Elle Fanning and the rest of the A-list cast shot Rainy Day before the last round of allegations against Allen were released. But if you already know a guy married his stepdaughter, you have to assume he gets into other sorts of shenanigans as well. He's a wild and crazy guy! Anyway Elle Fanning's body is surely now a permanent deposit in Allen's spank bank, and she can be in yours too. Let's mentally pass her around. Like the old New York.

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