Nicole Williams is Basically Wearing a Bra as a Top

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Mitch Jablonski - September 13, 2019

Canadian television personality Nicole Williams certainly doesn't carry herself like a Canadian. Canadians are known for their unfailing politeness and modesty, and there's absolutely nothing modest about wearing a bra as a top, making me think that Nicole Williams is either the worst Canadian ever or the best Canadian ever. It could honestly go either way, I'm just not sure which way it's leaning at the moment.

If she's the best Canadian ever, she's doing it by breaking one of the most sacred Canadian commandments, so I just don't see that adding up. Then again, if she's the worst Canadian ever, that would mean that she's probably devoid of other Canadian qualities, and I don't want to assume the worst in someone, especially if that someone is as hot as Nicole Williams.

While I don't think this is the time or place to put a value judgment on Nicole Williams Canadian-ness, I think it's a conversation worth having somewhere down the road. More than likely, such an endeavor would be undertaken by actual Canadians, so if you know any of those, get them on this right away.

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