Supermodel Devon Windsor Little Cleavage On Display

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elliot-wolf - February 16, 2018

I believed that I knew what extremely hot was but when I got a good glimpse of Devon Windsor I got the feeling that I was way off. This lady is so good looking that it should be illegal for her to even exist. Devon looks like heaven on two legs and I’m pretty sure I’m staring at a living, breathing piece of art. I don’t think it’s possible to sculpt something so beautiful if an artist dedicated their entire life trying to. If she’s going to model for Victoria Secret and look this stunning then the company will need to change the classifications. There can be no other way. You can’t attach the Victoria Secret Angel tag to an obvious goddess and feel that does her any justice. Because it doesn’t. I’m almost at the point of writing a letter on her behalf to fix the egregious error.

I really need to make my way to one of those fashion shows so I can see her in person. I always say I’m going to go but always forget. It’ll be a little easier to remember this time now that such a scorching hot image of Devon is burned into my memory.

Photo Credit: Instagram / Backgrid USA