Stephanie Seymour Sheer Dress Shopping in St. Bart’s

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bill-swift - December 23, 2016

World's most loving Christmas vacation time veteran hottie mom, Stephanie Seymour, has made her way back to St. Bart's for her annual extended beach holiday with her family. In the past, this has meant very cozy cuddle up sessions in bikinis with the older boys. Some which became so controversial Stephanie had to assure everybody on Oprah that nothing untoward was going on and that Egotastic was full of baloney. I can only say, I call it like I see it. And I see everything.

Either way, timeless beauty Stephanie is back on the island for her annual retreat. Who knows what the next many days will hold in terms of her swimsuit peeks. She's been turning necks and making gentleman oglers happy for almost thirty years now, and she's never looked better. A see-through dress in an upscale shopping store with her billionaire husband is merely the first steps off the plane. C'mon, mommy, the boys are hungry. That's actually not a metaphor. Enjoy.

Photo credit: FameFlynet