Stephanie Seymour Bikini Pictures Signal the Return of the Taboo Boobtastic!

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bill-swift - December 25, 2012

She's back! The world's most loving mother (literally), the ageless bosomy hottie model Stephanie Seymour, has returned to St. Bart's with her offspring for their annual New Years' time mother-son bonding vacation beneath the sweaty tropical climates.

As you well know, it was Egotastic! who almost exactly two years ago discovered some profoundly disturbing (and, by disturbing, we mean, wicked kinky hot) images of a bikini clad model mom and her two boys engaging in some rather touchy feely showy beach play. There was some kind of mass upheaval which ultimately led to a weird Oprah interview for Stephanie offering up vague statements about how every family shows their affection differently. Indeed!

And, now, she's back, with brood in tow, the former Axl Rose lady and long time sextastic model is back on Caribbean vacation with her progeny, flashing tons of her squishy top in bikini, and, yeah, kind of topless as well. We heard no complaints from her two sons, nor will you hear one from these quarters. Enjoy.

P.S. Again for those unfamiliar with the subtle references in the post above, we present a piece of documentary footage designed to help explain....