Sophie Turner Sheer Tank Top Workout In London

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michael-garcia - July 6, 2016

Game of Thrones hottie Sophie Turner was spotted in jolly old London jogging in a not completely opaque tank top. The Wardness of the North was looking sexy and sweaty as she ran through the park. Then she took off her shirt and just ran around in a tank top where you could see her black bra underneath. That's the kind of thing only Ramsey Bolton has seen. I am in mad passionate love with Sophie Turner. I felt bad in the beginning because she was so young but now she's 20 and it's just fine. Speaking of fine, let me tell you that she has some mighty fine dragon eggs under that tank top. I look forward to when Jon Snow sits on the Iron Throne and she gets to sport some low cut busom-showing medieval bustier dresses on that show. 

Or better yet when she marries Littlefinger or whoever and has her very own Game of Thrones nude scene. That's when she knows she'll really have made it on a show that Ian McShane famously said was just "tits and dragons". 


Photo Credit: Splash