Dua Lipa’s Down Under for Vogue

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Echo Lawrence - March 23, 2020

Dua Lipa is a Youtuber turned pop star because that is taking over the world! She's one of the biggest, most hyped out there. I couldn't tell you one of her songs, I am not her demographic, but I have seen her hot outfits over the course of her post-youtube, legit music career.

I've checked out her Wikipedia and clearly she's a product of nepotism because her father Dukagjin Lipa was also a lead vocalist in a Kosovan rock band in Kosova. Clearly connected in the internation music industry, offering her nothing but opportunities to get as famous as she's done got!

The most interesting thing I learned of Dua is that she was a model for a popular online store called ASOS at 16, before getting Youtube Famous. She stopped because her agents told her to lose weight.

Look at her now!

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