Sofia Richie’s Buns On Display In Poolside Swimsuit Pics

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aldo-vallon - October 3, 2018

I can see someone has not been phoning it in when it comes time to do her squats. That butt is as taut as a highwire walker’s wire, and probably their sphincter as well. That is why cheer on Sofia Richie’s poolside snacking, she’s earned it.

I could go for more squats myself, but that would require the awakening of an inner motivation that has been in a deep coma for some time now. There is something about holding extra weight while crouching down and standing back up again that just…well, it just sounds like hell.

I wonder if there is a gene that some people have that makes them more prone to enjoying the exercises that most others despise, like deadlifts and squats. If there is then there is probably another more common gene that makes people love bicep curls. There is no real mystery there. What guy does not want their arm to look like it is nine months pregnant? It all comes back to womb envy, I think. If we cannot labor pains, then we sure as hell are going to experience labor gains.



Photo Credit: MEGA / Backgrid USA