Sneak Peek Of ESPN 2016 The Body Issue

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bill-swift - June 29, 2016

While it's easy to lament the fact that sports magazines cover most anything these days other than sports, it's also easy to become visibly excited each July when the ESPN Body Issue gets close to publication. Granted, you need to immediately filter out all the mostly naked male athletes. If the Good Lord intended us to see football player without clothes on, he would invent see-through pads. Also, ratings would plummet. But ESPN does a sweltering good job of locating strong bodied, beautiful accomplished athletes to take their clothes off once a year for the big annual Body Issue.

ESPN has been sneaking peeks at who and how naked the women's athletes will be in the edition with some trailers and quick cut glances at some of the bodies. I definitely recognize Elena Delle Donne, as the WNBA hottie with the long limbs and zero clothes. Others we'll have to wait semi-patiently for more clear names and leering opportunities coming soon. There's nothing sexier than a strong woman. Well, a strong naked woman. Well, a strong naked woman explaining in my ear about her desperate needs and how she can easily bench press me. Yes! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: ESPN