SMS Fails of the Week: Triple Blowing Dates, Gunk Drops, and Jugs that Don’t Go Out of Shape

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bill-swift - November 5, 2012

What's a perfect date to you? For most girls, it's a dinner and some surprise flowers during the course of the night. For most guys, it's the just desserts that matter the most, if you know what I mean. Some other guys like going wild though, such as with triple date blowing.

The fifteenth is almost coming up. If you get paid like most people do, then you'll get a check or withdraw some cash from the ATM. Either that, or you get laid. I kid you. That's only for certain jobs. Lucky (or unlucky?) them.

Gum drops--what's not to like? But gin drips and gunk drops? Get out of here, man! Same goes for cinnamon rolls. There's only one hole I'd like to put those rolls in--my mouth. But some people apparently have another idea... One that involves a backdoor. Yikes!

Check out the gallery for this week's SMS Fails and get ready to (aptly) laugh your arse off. Enjoy!

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