Sexy Singer Sinitta Shows Her Curves In Skimpy Outfit For Her Single Launch At A London Nightclub

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aldo-vallon - June 22, 2018

I think it is time that I expand my musical tastes. Normally I listen to music made up of sweaty, burly men screaming about otherwise unspeakable acts. As entertaining as it sounds, it does not do much to dazzle the eyes. Sinitta, however, is a sweet treat for the eyes. And pop music is filled with more women like her. If I had given pop music a chance years ago I could have been able to appreciate her in all her youthful glory.

I don’t care much for the noise that they are producing, but that is easily remedied when you are at a concert. Under those circumstances I would have no issue with being the guy walking around with ear muffs. Anyone there who thinks I look like a dork would be the real dork for looking at me when there is a gorgeous woman on stage.

Those ear muffs would also have the additional benefit of prolonging my hearing, and not only protecting my sanity. As great as heavy metal is, it does take a toll on the old ear canal. After a show I am left with my head ringing like when my stepdad would trip on my skateboard.


Phot Credit: Splash News / Instagram