The Serena Williams Hottie Mythology Continues Unabated

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Lex Jurgen - September 21, 2016

The basis of the argument that Serena Williams is a crazy attractive woman seems flimsy. It's often related to her professional accomplishments, her female tennis domination, or her commercial acumen. Or simply reiterated in breathlessly positive Yahoo front page headlines such as...

Serena Williams Slays in a Tiny Bikini on a Tropical superstar Serena Williams indulged in some well-deserved time off--and looked hotter than ever in the process.

Nobody tells these Yahoo girls how to write, merely to be extra positive and sign a release for their ten bucks. That's how the word "slays" routinely makes it into a billion dollar editorial enterprise.

Serena should be held to a higher standard. She's a pro. She's makes tens of millions working the business world. She can handle the honesty. She's a tad bit bulky, even by NFL defensive end standards. The Kardashians starve themselves, fracture their pelvic and rib cages, and undergo all kinds of surgical treatments to be not fat. They can't play a lick of tennis, or even more rapidly in any one direction without dissolving, but they're trying super hard to look good in bathing suits.

If a thick dude posted hot romantic selfies atop a horse on a tropical beach we'd all laugh. Body shaming seems particularly gender sensitive. 

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