Simone Biles Strips in Handstand!

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Tex Hollywood - April 14, 2020

Simone Biles is your Olympic hero, who you will not see compete this year thanks to the Olympic delay, despite having a Gymnast fetish, which is usually more exciting in theory than in practice.

The idea of a strong, talented, flexible woman who moves in mysterious unheard of ways when applied to sex is inspiring, but when you actually see them in action, with their abnormally small and very muscular bodies, THAT fetish usually goes out the window. It is rare for the gymnast to not look a bit too much like a gymnast!!

If a Victoria's Secret model was a gymnast would the gymnast fetish be where it needs to be.

That said, there's a Handstand challenge going around the internet, or being created on the internet, which Simone Biles, Gymnast felt "she got this" and in "gotting" this she showed off her hidden talent, that I'm not sure where she discovered this talent, but I have a few ideas, involving REMOVING HER PANTS.

Let's hope this becomes a standard move in the 2021 Olympics!

  • wittypuppet says:

    Pity she has come to this, stripping on the internet for likes.

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