Selena Gomez Pulled a Rapper Train?

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editor - March 25, 2013

Last week Gucci Mane DROPPED Waka Flocka from his label - when he heard rumors that Waka had SMASHED actress Selena Gomez. And these rumors ain't coming from just anybody. got its hands on TWEETS sent from BRICK SQUAD rapper/soldier Lil Skitzz. And according to Lil Skitzz not only did Waka SMASH . . . but he says that Brick SQUAD did a little CHOO CHOO with Justin's ex.  - MediaTakeOut

Speechless. Absolutely speechless. I'm going to take this rumor with a big-ass grain of salt, but the internet has never steered me wrong before. Could it be? I'd like to say given the chance I'd jump on board the pound town express with my bro's but I have the body of a young Chris Farley, am hesitantly confident I have a smaller penis than any of my friends, my ability to please a woman sexually is questionable at best, and I could deal with only one horribly unsatisfied person critiquing my technique at a time. Long story short, I couldn't handle an audience. But, yeah, I'd drink a beer and watch.

Jesus, this story feels so dirty. Please let it be true.

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