Cassie Scerbo’s Casting Couch

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egoadmin - February 24, 2020

Cassie Scerbo posted up this picture in what I'll call a casting call, hopefully a casting call that lives up to being called a casting call, that gets us on her couch, where she proceeds to sexually harass us. Not because we agree with a person in authority abusing that authority on helpless individuals, like some kind of evil Weinstein, we just don't mind so much when we're the ones being sexually harassed by Cassie Scerbo.

Cassie Scerbo posted these arm bra pics in some sort of activism / anti-bullying topless protest, which is the kind of protest I am all about. Do good. Do it topless!

She's a 29 year old who you may know from Tara Reid's masterpiece Sharknado!

Why are you still reading this, you see what the girl wrote in her IG story - DM Her for a Casting! I believe this could be your big break.

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