Selena Gomez Compromising Crotchtastic Tease

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earl-jonas - September 13, 2017


If anyone can make simple jeans and a black t-shirt sexy it's Selena Gomez, especially when she's posing like she's about to hike a football to a quarterback or like she's assuming the position to, um, tie her shoes. Yeah. The singing sensation is all giggles while filming herself from some fun and flirty angles as a lucky guy sneaks up in the background. 

While the clip has a lighthearted and innocent tone, you have to imagine that Gomez knows exactly what she's doing with this crotchtastic shot. This is the same girl who got casually nipply from under a tissue-thin dress for her Fetish music video, and who generally considers hot pants and a tube top Sunday church attire. But all neatly packaged under a cherubic smile. So confusing. So hot. Keep doing whatever it is that you're doing, Selena.  

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