Sarah Shahi Changing Clothes, Saving Ogler Lives

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bill-swift - December 10, 2010

We don't see much of Sarah Shahi on here, certainly not enough. But the L-Word hottie demanded our attention when she Twitpic'd herself changing clothes for a photoshoot leading up to the InStyle sponsored party for the Golden Globe Nominations. For those of us forced over the years to sneak up dangerously tall ladders, shimmy through claustrophobic ventilation ducts, or dress-up like women, just to get photos of sexy celebrities in their bras and panties, well, this self-publishing of half-naked photos idea is really quite the invention. Sarah Shahi brings the complete package to the table, the looks, the body, the boobs, the sultry mixed ethnic heritage, lust it completely. Enjoy.

(P.S. As much as I love my job, how about being that dude who gets to fix up her stocking and garters while kneeling behind her? Didn't see that job listing on Craigslist!)

Photo credit: Splash News