Sarah Hyland High and Tight in White Sports Bra

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brian-mcgee - August 23, 2017

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland knows a thing or two about having to be in the spotlight. She seems to have embraced the fact that no matter where she goes or what she's doing, there's going to be an army of photographers waiting to document it. Sarah uses this to her advantage, though, by using these moments to remind us just how drop dead sexy she is!

While I'm sure that the impulse to cover up and hide your body from the leering lenses is strong, Sarah knows that she's got a spectacularly tight body and that she needs to take opportunities like this to remind the world of this fact. I mean, she's got a cover-up tied around her waist, she could've easily thrown that on once she saw the photogs, but she didn't because she knows she looks incredible in this particular workout ensemble.

Granted, I could be overanalyzing this and she could simply have forgotten to cover up, but I doubt it. Self awareness is a key to success in the industry and she's got that quality in spades. Sarah Hyland, keep showing off what you're working with because it's absolutely top shelf. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Pacififc Coast News