Sarah Hyland, Victoria Justice, Paris Hilton, and Tons of The Sexiest A-List Celeb Halloween Costumes

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elliot-wolf - October 31, 2018

I may be a little over the age of the average trick-or-treater, but I’m never too old to enjoy hot women in Halloween costumes. I’d even be willing to do tricks for a treat if necessary. Because if Victoria Justice told me to sit or stay just to get the opportunity to take in all of her magnificence, I would. Halloween has morphed from a holiday about the horrible and grotesque to an all out “how hot are you able to look in a costume.” And what more proof do you need to see that these women are indeed sizzlers. You have to be hot in order to wear short skirts in October.

I can’t even decide who has the best costume. I feel I need a few more hours, no days, wait, maybe even years of observation before I’m able to decide who had worn the hottest Halloween costume of the evening. Until then I’ll treat all of these women like a rooftop balcony and just enjoy the view. I plan on bringing binoculars and popcorn because I'm definitely going to be here for a while. Maybe even a toothbrush and change of clothes since Jessica Green is looking so good.

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Backgrid USA / MEGA