Una Healy Needs Your Help!

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Tex Hollywood - June 26, 2020

Handymen out there, now's your chance to shine! Singer/Songwriter Una Healy, who I don't think I've ever heard of, but I am glad to know exists, posted up a cry for help:

I need think about getting better storage for my shoes

If you take a minute to look past her bikini, you will see a pile of shoes on a self next to her bed, I think you can do better for her, you can be her hero. So start designing.

Or you can just be like me and ignore her cry for help because we know it's not an ACTUAL cry for help, is a diversion to make the bikini pic, that she looks awesome in, seem like less of a bikini pic, but it's such a good bikini pic, I don't think that'll work, but it was a good try!

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  • Don says:

    I cannot believe this woman is 38.

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