Sara Sampaio V Neck Boobtastic Teasing

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bill-swift - April 14, 2017

Portuguese hottie Sara Sampaio decided to make a not so subtle display of her hot body out and about in a top that was so low cut, you had to wonder how she managed not to spill out. I mean, I'm looking and looking and not figuring it out. I bet stare a little closer and get out my protractor to decipher some of the more oblique angles.

Sara's brunette allure is a welcome addition to any VS lingerie or swimsuit shoot, as well as simply merrily making her way down the boulevard to the ogles of men peeking into her top. You don't simply leave the loft looking thusly without an adjustment and turn here and there in the mirror to ensure perfect teasing mode without the chances of being arrested in public for indecent exposure. As if anything about Sara is indecent, minus the seventeen things I'm thinking about doing with her at this very moment. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Fame Flynet