Sara Jean Underwood Sizzles in Nature

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bill-swift - December 22, 2016

If I don't check in visually with stunning minxy hot buxom blonde Sara Jean Underwood on the regular, I begin to get hives. Nervous sweats, shakes, panting. The same actually occurs when I do sweep my peeps around and over her heavenly hottie form, so it's often hard to explain to the doctors the precise cause. She's something of an eye-full you might say.

In her latest guise, Sara's back out in the sweeping panoramas of the great outdoors carrying on in bikinis or less, applying the theory that nobody's looking at what's behind the ridiculously hot girl with the mighty funbags. Though if you do, that's nice too. These are certainly a step up from Ansel Adams's nature shots. He only wishes he had a girl like Sara to help show off the majesty of the Western United States. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Instagram