Sara Sampaio’s Facetime Photoshoot!

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Tex Hollywood - May 13, 2020

This post is less about hot hot Sara Sampaio is in this shoot, because we have seen her in various states of undress since Victoria's Secret signed her to be one of their angels. It's been a few years and we have seen a lot of hotness from her.

This shoot is more about how crafty the Portuguese model or the editorial team at Bazaar are, because they published a SOCIAL DISTANCING shoot.

We can assume she had her hair and make-up team on site, which isn't social distancing at all, but you never know, she may have done these looks herself.

What I find interesting is that the hired photographer wasn't on set, something you'd normally expect in a photoshoot, but instead he directed her over facetime, shooting his screen.

We've seen it in the , but this is the first of the Mainstream to do it and it's pretty decent quality. Far better than when you facetime your Granny at the home, her yelling obscenities trying to figure out the technology, before basically zooming in on her nostril. This is a bit more refined!

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