Russian Pop Singer Nadeea Volianova’s Barely-There Bikini Almost Falling Off

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aldo-vallon - April 22, 2018

I have seen women at burning man that would look at what Nadeea Volionova is wearing and say, “Honey, you need to put something else on. This isn’t that kind of place.”

That bikini reminds me of middle school when it was all the rage for girls to cut up their shirts until they ended up looking something like that. Well, I found out a little late that it was only a style meant for girls and male rock stars from the ‘80s, but my reputation managed to bounce back in high school thanks to the shroud of anonymity that I was able to drape myself in. #Itgetsbetter.

I wasn’t aware that Russia had pop singers. I knew Korea had pop singers. I assume Uganda has pop singers. But the fact that Russia does surprises me. It doesn’t seem like a language that lends itself well to pop beats. I feel the same with Arabic.

Plus, pop stars need to have energy and smile every once in a while. I don’t get the feeling that many Russians can manage that. It would not surprise me to find they have a burgeoning heavy metal scene. That seems as logical as alcohol and car accidents.


Photo Credit: Splash News