Rita Ora Curvy Bikinis For Self

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bill-swift - November 19, 2015

Rita Ora stars this month in Self magazine. You should see what she's doing in my virtual Bill magazine this magazine. Not the kind of thing you'll see in a women's magazine. Though Rita does look rather spectacular in her bikini for the periodical. She's clearly been working on fine tuning her fine female form. I for one wish to say, thank you for your sweat.

Rita Ora is fast becoming one of the go to hotties for world stage pop diva exhibitionism. She too understands the game of music and the game of skin are one in the same in 2015. It's not that you can't make it as a singer without a righteous bikini body, it's just that everybody gets a little less concerned with you hitting notes while unplugged. Rita, you could sing off key in that bikini and I'd applaud and smile dumbly. It's my m.o. Now, gives us a little snap of that bottom. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Self

Rita Ora in leather, holy cow!