Halsey is Back With More Cosplay!

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Echo Lawrence - May 1, 2020

I guess Halsey is trying to appeal to the gamers as she's doing Cosplay like this was Comicon, only Comicon is cancelled for COVID. Nerds everywhere scrambling to figure out other ways to share their elaborate costumes.

Who knew Halsey did Cosplay!

I guess Halsey has been gaming over the course of the COVID crisis, not much else to do when you're a celebrity with a ton of money that to sort of catch up on sleep and recharge for when the world is ready for her to come back at them with concerts, appearances and hit songs.

I have never played Overwatch, but this is one of the Characters, that I am sure you already know far too well. So well that the personification of that character excites you!

Why wouldn't it, I mean I think this is the most important post today!

A famous babe speaking nerd! I just hope no one sees this as cultural appropriation, because we want more of this!

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