Rihanna Bikini Pictures So Hot They Require Hosing Off

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bill-swift - July 31, 2012

The longest I've ever left dry land was the 21 hours I spent passed out on a raft floating in my neighbor's pool after they were irresponsible enough to ask me to water their plants while on vacation and left their liquor cabinet completely unlocked. Hardly comparable to the sea-worthy adventures of Rihanna and her various skimpy bikinis aboard the Cavalli yacht tooling around the French Riviera, providing now a second week of glorious Bajan diva body goodness.

Rihanna is hitting up all the waterplay pursuits, including parasailing, snorkeling, jet-skiing, and drinking, natch. And she's doing it all in an assortment of barely there bikinis flashing one of the finest bodies in all of the music world. One days its a hot little leopard print barely covering her asstastic, another day a hot pink neon light directing us to her boobtastic. You can have your Olympics, this is my must-ogle sporting event. Enjoy.