Lea Michele’s Baby Bump!

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Echo Lawrence - May 14, 2020

Lea Michele posted some proud to be pregnant so look at her pregnant while in a bikini.

I am not one for the whole "Pregnancy Glow" compliments. I like to think that is for women who can't have babies, or who have already had babies, or who envy those with babies to try to show support for their pregnant sisters, but I can appreciate what pregnancy does to the bra size.

I personally don't know any men, not even the men in love with the women who are pregnant who think that the pregnant version of their lover is better than the non-pregnant version.

I don't think that distain has anything to do with how the pregnancy can be a trap that makes you a slave to your kids for the next 18 or more years, because some people are actually stoked on having kids.

They actually don't find the mother of their kid, carrying their kid for 9 months as it develops inside her a sexy thing, sure they may find it to be a miracle, probably the fact that someone would have their kid in the first place, but to think it' hot, that's a whole other can of worms!

So whether you like Lea Michele's new look or not, did anyone ever like her look to begin with? Here she is!

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