Reese Witherspoon Jogging Pictures To Satisfy Cousin Jonathan’s Crush

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bill-swift - January 6, 2011

Cousin Jonathan has a major crush on Reese Witherspoon, throw in some leggings and some body sweat, and even covered in the sometimes ominous am-I-a-hot-chick-or-not face covering baseball hat and sunglasses, well, we just had to post these Reese Witherspoon jogging pictures. Don't get me wrong, I dig the new unmarried (or is she married again already, can't even remember) Reese. She's showing more boobage and asstastic than ever before, sort of leaving behind her previously precious young thespian 'tude and entering delightfully into the MILFtastic stage of her celebrity sex appeal lifecycle. It's all quite enjoyable for the ogling public. Still, I don't have it bad like Cousin Jonathan who would stare at her dental X-rays for six hours if he had the chance. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Fame