Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon And Ava Phillippe Mom and Daughter Short Shorts Twinsy Time

Talk about your spitting images. My blonde minxy lust crush Reese Witherspoon who obliged us by having many babies starting rather young is now the proud mom of a nearly sixteen year old daughter Ava Phillippe who looks like her only slightly younger doppelgänger. With Reese’s eternal youthful beauty you probably someday soon could get away with that line about thinking how they were sisters while Reese giggles slightly and then makes passionate love to you for being so creative and complimentary. Okay, so maybe that last part doesn’t happen.

The two Witherspoon girls in short shorts checked out the erection, as it were, of their new mega-house in the Pacific Palisades over the weekend. I presume it’s going to be sized somewhere between my mini-mansion and Versailles, with a lean toward Versailles. Pretty girls deserve pretty homes, while pasty bloggers deserve, well, Uber still treats me like a gentleman. Enjoy.

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Mr. Skin Minute Look Forward to Reese Witherspoon, Kristen Wiig, and Dakota Johnson Topless in 2015 (VIDEO)

Mr. Skin Minute Video For The Week Reese Witherspoon In Wild
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While many of you have personal goals set for 2015, our good friends at Mr. Skin have some societal goals of the benevolent kind. Like anticipating Reese Witherspoon topless, Kristen Wiig full frontal, and Dakota Johnson some combo of that with whips and chains in 50 Shades of I’m Only Going to See the Nekkid Parts. 2015 promises to be a wonderful year in skinematics just from the very first month.

Check out the Mr. Skin Minute for January 2, 2015 (that still seems crazy just writing) and see the first three vaunted topless sextastic celebrity celluloid for the coming year. Reese Witherspoon boobs. Three finer words have never been spoken. Enjoy.

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Photo Credit: Mr. Skin

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Reese Witherspoon Topless Pictures! Oh, Baby Bare Reese Peekaboo in ‘Wild’


There’s some early Oscar buzz on Reese Witherspoon and her epic performance in Wild. And, yes, I’ve called him Oscar since puberty, it just seemed to fit. Either way, he’s definitely buzzing upon seeing this snapshot of Reese’s top shots all bare and beautiful in the film. I know this movie is an amazingly moving dramatic tale of an outdoor adventure, but the indoor parts seem to be what shall move many of us the most. Did I happen to mention Reese Witherspoon topless?

I’ve loved Reese since our eyes first meet, well, since my eyes first met starting at her blindly on screen. She’s grown into quite the MILFtastic thespianic who takes challenges in her film roles. Including the challenge of being extremely cute and topless, which I suppose is more of a burden for us than for Reese who has the benefit of owning such sweet funbags. I’m kind of confused and foggy headed at the moment. I might need my own thousand mile treacherous hike to clear my head. Or, another beer and more peeks at Reese. If you know me well, you know that’s really just one option. Enjoy.

Reese Witherspoon Jogs Her Little Heart Out (and Her Butt and Boobastic Off)

Ah, blessed stretch pants mixed with the sweaty determination of my belusted Reese Witherspoon, back to her daily jogging routine in Brentwood. You could easily lose Reese in the crowd of joggers who traffic those streets and pathways in the morning, that is unless you had a monster crush on Reese and your johnson served as a GSP toward her visual treats.

Reese working out hard in form fitting clothes has come to be one of my morning workout routine fixtures. I’ve worked up some pretty decent pythons tilting those mini-binoculars and camera phone. It’s not the weight, it’s the reps. Reese, might I recommend you quit that routine of the giant circle and instead shift gears in a beeline to my heart. It’s just a suggestion. Enjoy.

Reese Witherspoon Heavenly White Hot Owning the Wild Red Carpet

Okay, we saw Kimberly Cole on this same red carpet for the movie Wild earlier, but let’s be honest, Reese Witherspoon is the star of this movie and the girl I dream about nekkid fishing with nightly. She absolutely owned the paparazzi at her own star turning film premiere, as she should, and she did. Reese gets ridiculed at times for her occasionally drunkenly silly outbursts at the po-po, as if the rest of us are somehow immune to acting stupid while under the influence of too many beverages. Reese is by all accounts, just one fine minxy bosomy MILF making her way in the rough streets of Brentwood.

And when Reese gets all decked out for galas and red carpet, man, look out. She is a true knockout. I believe they call this movie star beauty. I just call it, oh, please, may I have a small taste, just a sliver. It’s never polite to insist on a big piece of pie. My grandma taught me that. She was a crude lady. Enjoy.

Kate Hudson and Reese Witherspoon Cleavetastic to Award McConaughey

Oh, to be Matthew McConaughey for just one evening, that lucky bastard. He’s not even bedding these women, though I’m sure that’s not outside any range of possibility, but the hotties in Hollywood are pushing up their bosom and flashing their finest cleavage for his award ceremony at the American Cinematheque presentation which I think is French for McConaughey gets lucky again.

Kate Hudson and Reese Witherspoon led the charge of 30-s0mething hot cleavy moms in Tinsel Town blushing to be a part of pinning anything on Matthew. Someday, I’d like to see ladies of this caliber getting decked out for me perhaps getting my remedial typing certificate from the Learning Annex, nobody every shows up to those short but valid ceremonies. I did once pay a woman off the streets to come in and pretend to be my mom.  I really need a better strategy to get from here to McConaughey territory. I want the luscious funbags! Sorry, for the outburst. Enjoy.

Reese Witherspoon Reveals Cleavage For Vogue Magazine

Movie star and sexy gal Reese Witherspoon displayed her amazing cleave for November’s Vogue Magazine issue. She wore a series of fancy dresses that all had one important thing in common: maximum boobage exposure. She should get a second Oscar for those puppies. I’ve always had a crush on Reese, I admit it. When forced to go see one of her rom-coms by my wife, I rarely complain. Because I think she’s really hot unlike other rom-comers that don’t do it for me. I understand that rom-comers isn’t a word…but it is now because I invented it. Anyhoo, the dresses in these pics also showed off a little bit of Reese’s smooth sexy legs. I remember thinking that she had a spectacular set of stems back when she was in Legally Blonde.

Yeah, I saw Legally Blonde. I saw the not so great sequel too. She wore a lot of sexy outfits, yo.