Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon Jogging Straight Into My Lust-Filled Heart

Reese Witherspoon has to be one of the most dedicated joggers in all of Los Angeles. You really don't even see many celebrities jogging anymore, not since they invented Pilates and yoga became popular and all the other indoor sweaty camel toe inducing workout regimens. But Reese is an old-fashioned girl who likes to get out the nylon shorts and the hat and hit the pavement to keep herself in fighting condition.

Reese has always held a minxy blonde place in my lower heart for her ability to bring a little sunshine into the happy time fantasies for well over a decade now. Even after giving birth to something like twenty kids and I don't remember how many marriages, I still melt when Reese jogs past in her sweaty clingy tops and bottoms. I'm a sucker for old school. Enjoy.

Reese Witherspoon Sideboobs and Miranda Kerr Cleavetastic Help to Hotten Up the Vanity Fair Post Oscar Party

Vanity Fair knows how to throw a post-Oscars party. It's sort of the big event everybody moves to after all the official business is done at the Academy Awards. Plus they throw in all the sextastic celebrities who didn't quite get an official Oscar invite, the likes of Reese Witherspoon who took the occasion to show off an unusual, but definitely appreciate amount of bare boob with her daring dress.

Along with Reese, Sofia Vergara, Miranda Kerr, Olivia Munn, and Zooey Deschanel helped make this the most ultimate prom night you didn't get invited to. Or I should say, I didn't, so just like prom night. The ladies looked stunning. If only Reese had gotten Georgia-tipsy in that dress, we might've seen a malfunction for the ages. But, it's Oscar night, so everybody was on sadly good behavior. Enjoy.

Reese Witherspoon Bikini Pictures Rarely Seen Hot Little Mommy Glimpses in Hawaii

Oh, happy days are here again. They never really went away I guess, though the last four minutes I've been figuring out how not to do my taxes while still avoiding being somebody's prison bitch. That was four minutes not nearly as fun as the next minutes exploring this rare peek at Reese Witherspoon in a bikini.

Perhaps Reese isn't what she used to be a few kids and a couple husbands ago, but she's still a perfect Southern peach to me. But I have the uncanny ability to look beyond the purely superficial, and see the real women on the inside. The one I want to cover in honey and lick from head to toe as we wash away all her mommy and career worries, and get her to just being a blond minx in her sexual prime looking for somebody to help her find something really juicy to atone for the next Sunday. Oh, Reese, eventually, a couple more husbands from now, we shall be together in some special and likely very brief manner. I can not wait. Enjoy.

Reese Witherspoon Jogs So She Can Show Off Her Legs in Leather Skirts

There may not be a 1:1 ratio there, but I'm happy to see our delightful Reese Witherspoon is back to her Brentwood jogs in her little shorts. I'm not sure where Reese has gotten off to more recently, but seems to be law run-ins and various other entanglements that have kept her from her appointed skin baring sweaty rounds. We're glad to have her back. And Reese knows she needs to keep up with the toning exercises if she wants to be the mom with growing kids who can still pull off the leather skirt wardrobe option as she did just a few days ago:

Of course, we'd prefer to see the benefits of Reese's workouts without any clothes on at all. But leather is a solid second place, especially when it's cut into long strips and used for binding. I'm just musing here. Enjoy.

Reese Witherspon Upskirt Bare Butt Flash May Cause Rapid Heart Rates

Reese Witherspoon is on something of a naughty streak. Maybe it's an early mid-life crisis or maybe just the innocent blonde image of perfection has got to let out a little steam, but she's been showing a bit of skin of late, berating cops in a drunken state, and, now, promenading down the streets in a lightweight short skirt with nothing beneath save for what appears to be a nude colored thong (if that). My, oh, my, what will the ladies at church say to this?

Well, I know what I'm saying. Oh, blessed be. A clean shot of the bare cheeks of our little belusted Reese Witherspoon. I am digging the new Reese. Yeah, maybe a little less bleeping at the po-po, and a little more shows like this upskirt, but I am hardly complaining. Witherspoon wooty. It's all very good. Enjoy.

The Reese Witherspoon Handcuffed Booking Video

Well, if you're like me and you ever wondered what it would look like to see Reese Witherspoon in handcuffs, now's your chance. Our friends at TMZ have the Reese Witherspoon police booking video featuring the so-innocent mom being taking into the police station for processing.

Normally, we'd side with any hot girl and blame the police for overzealous arrests. But it does seem from the reports like Reese went a tad bit overboard in her cop harassment during the arrest of her husband on suspected DUI charges. Best not to start lecturing the cops and disobeying orders if you don't want to get hooked up and, yeah, end up being seen on video in handcuffs.

Reese Witherspoon Out of the Pokie in Time for ‘Mud’ Premiere

Yeah, Reese Witherspoon got locked up in Atlanta. She wasn't even the one suspected of drunk driving, that was her husband. But for some Hollywood reason, Reese felt obliged to let her husband's arresting officer have an earful of her attitude and a whole lot of disobeying his orders and she got hooked up too. I guess couples that violate the law together stay together, so there's good news for Reese on the marital front.

Kind of too bad to think of our belusted Reese as a mouthy girl who will get your beat by the cops for no good reason, but that won't stop us from ogling her on the red carpet of her film, Mud, where Reese looked like a million dollars. Slightly more than it cost her to bail herself out of jail in time to get to the premiere.

We come from the Chris Rock school of shutting the eff up when cops are at your car window. But we also come from the school of having fun imagining Reese Witherspoon in a holding cell full of horned up dykes. So, our two schools are currently competing against one another. Enjoy.