Prepare Yourself for the Ultimate in Man-tertainment: ‘Rambo- the Video Game’ Returns (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - November 9, 2013

Remember this little slice of badassery from back in August? Yep, we thought you did. Rambo: The Video Game is an FPS which will see us shooting, swimming and stabbing our way through the most dramatic moments of the franchise. You don't forget an awesome prospect like that.

Now, there are certain things we expect, nay, demand, from a Rambo game. We want relentless, bullets-amundo action. We want John Rambo with that huge, craptacular Eighties hair of his. To evoke the spirit of 2008‘s Rambo, we also want Sly Stallone sucking in his paunch when the cameras are rolling and/or wearing a corset so nobody would guess he was 60.

Sadly, this freshly-delayed-to-2014 effort from Reef Entertainment is set to only feature the original three movies. No paunch-sucking here. Still, you can't have everything. As long as we've got those first two things, we're happy. And judging by the new trailer above, we sure as hell do have them. Take a look.

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