Olivia Vinten for Zimmermann Spring/Summer 2020

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Tex Hollywood - March 10, 2020

Her name is Oli Vinten and she has an INSTAGRAM , seeing as you don't even exist, especially as a model in this era of everything being on SOCIAL MEDIA.

Apparently, she's an up and coming, new face, going viral with her 50,000 followers. I expect far more from her.

What I've found out about her in my extensive research of "who is this amazing woman I am in love with" is that she's in her early 20s, she is from Denmark, her mother was a model and groomed her for this career and she was scouted at the age of 12, like someone who would be in the Feldman documentary.

She's amazing in this campaign for Zimmermann Swim's Spring / Summer 2020 collection!

Here's a video to really make you hate your life in self-isolation!

Check out the pics:

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