Petra Ecclestone Rich, Blonde, and Lost in the Marital Shuffle

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bill-swift - August 26, 2011

Well, we started with some Ecclestone richness reporting this morning, so this is a nice way to bookend -- Petra Ecclestone, the blonde hottie heiress sister is getting hitched this weekend in Rome to her nightclub something-or-other boyfriend and, amid all the recent hullaballoo about the staged-for-television Kardashian wedding, this super rich sextastic nuptials kind of got lost. Apparently, Petra's getting married in the same castle as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes did  (so, yes, they do gay weddings).

According to our friends at RadarOnline, Petra has some kind of pre-nup to end all pre-nups signed by her fiance, cause that's what you do when you're worth several hundred million dollars and you're marrying some dude who spends his night out at the bars. Someday, I too hope to find a girl worth upwards of half a billion dollar to fall in love with, or, at least pretend really really hard. Enjoy.