Paulina Gretzy Gets Engaged; We Look Back at the Hotness Taken Off the Market

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bill-swift - August 20, 2013

I feel like we just got to know Paulina Gretzky for the super hot showy sports celebrity daughter that she is and she's already off the market, engaged over the weekend to golfer Dustin Johnson who made it official by talking about it on Twitter. Such a shame really, not for Dustin, of course, who now gets to experience fiance sex with Paulina, universally recognized as the best sex in a relationship, culminating in honeymoon sex, with the inevitable cliff drop into married sex.

Still, we like to celebrate all of life's wonderful events even if the wonder isn't exactly in our own hands. We find a use for those hands by looking at some of our very favorite views of the young blonde model and something else or other, so our tears will be that much more justified. Enjoy.