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Lex Jurgen - April 3, 2017

Pamela Anderson is doing a shitty job disguising her loin moisture for lesser Bond movie villain, looking Julian Assange. According to Ecuadorian Embassy scuttlebutt, Anderson's visited Assange in his diplomatically protected lair a half dozen times. She brings vegan lunch. Each time, she appears dressed more provocatively. They're fucking. It's okay not to want to think about it.

Anderson's blog posts have become sham topics designed to suck you into her gross compliments of Assange. It's unclear why Pamela Anderson formats her blog text in stanzas. You can imagine the explanation being unbearable. Ask her one time in front of somebody you hate.

Anderson penned a long letter about the sexual and gender progressiveness of Sweden merely to indirectly work her way back to Julian. It's always been Julian:

Julian is a human being who is extremely empathetic and cares deeply about the world.
And -
because of his work .
He has made some powerful enemies in a few countries- America especially
by exposing them.
Julian is trying to
Free the world by educating it.
It is a romantic struggle—
I love him for this-
He is the strongest person
I know-
living as he is,
is very unhealthy,
and inhumane.

Can a brother get a decent embassy storage closet? He's throwing out his back trying to plow her in his tiny deportation sanctuary.

Grade school crush poetry ages about as well as its participants. If you can weave transnational rape charges into a romantic poem, you're more skilled than May Angelou. So is my four month old rescue. This ends with one of them pregnant and both of them Hep-positive. 


Edited to Add: Anderson went to visit Assange again late last night in a low cut dress. He is the strong person she knows.


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