Padma Lakshmi Bikini Pictures Wicked Hot By Ocean and By Pool

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bill-swift - December 10, 2013

Oh, my god. If it isn't the world's hottest chef (apologies in advance to Giada who is more than chaffing dish chaff-able). Padma Lakshmi and her epic MILFtastic body scorched the very sands of South Florida, as well as its hotel pools, over the weekend in a bright bikini I suppose intended to be noticed. And noticed we did.

It's not just that Padma has an amazing rack and an amazing recipe for Christmas rack of lamb, it's her exotic features and knowing eyes (yes, I do look at eyes) that round out the complete package of her alluring exhibition. I can just imagine seeing Padma exiting the pool at my hotel, assuming she stays at the Motel 6, and taking a beating from my girlfriend who says my name five times without a response as I stare catatonic at Padma exiting the pool like a sultry water nymph. It'd be worth it. Or, in the least, impossible to stop. The heart wants what the heart wants. Enjoy.