Olivia Wilde Bare Midriff for Men’s Health (Gives Me Unhealthy Thoughts)

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bill-swift - December 29, 2010

Absolutely could not wait for the release (as it were) of the next edition of Men's Health magazine and the rumored bare-midriff sexy-as-hell portrait of Tron-tastic Olivia Wilde. OMG! as the runaways I keep locked in my basement like to say. These Olivia Wilde bare-midriff pictures remind us that on a sexy woman, let us not forget what lies in between the chest and the nest, for it too is the source of much ogle delight. Taut tummies are my new year's resolution. No, not for myself, rather, to seek and find on sexy celebrities and deliver unto you, my faithful readers. Let's bring back the midsection in 2011 to its rightful place on the chart of all things sextastic. Enjoy.