Olivia Wilde Sexy Pictures Are Going To Leave Many Fanboys With Badly Damaged Trons

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bill-swift - November 10, 2010

Remind me to re-up my subscription to Vanity Fair, folks with a good eye for female celebrity hotness, this next month's edition featuring the crazy hot Olivia Wilde, timed with the release of the Tron reboot in mid-December. Fanboys, unite, unite in your basement dens of geek-filled lust, for you are but weeks away from spying Olivia Wilde in all types of sci-fi skin tight clothing in the back of a dark theater. I already pity the poor theater ushers who must follow each showing with a steam-cleaning gun loaded with bleach to wash away the remnants of midichlorian juice upon the floor. (File that last sentence under 'extreme but true!') Enjoy.