Sammi Hanratty’s Nice New Year’s Eve Shirt

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Tex Hollywood - January 3, 2020

Sammi Hanratty is a 24 year old actress that you've probably never really heard of, but she was apparently killed off on Shameless, a show that is EXPONENTIALLY BETTER now that that trash Emmy Rossum has been removed. I hated her.

She has a pretty extensive IMDB with all kinds of acting jobs despite only being 24, thanks to her parents moving her to LA in 1997, at 2 years old, to mooch off her. I am not convinced that 10 year olds have the ability to launch their own careers because at 40, I don't think I have the ability to launch my own career. Maybe I'm lazy.

Sammi Hanratty may have a great NYE shirt, but she also has a terrible name. The word "ratty" just reminds me of horrible the bubonic plague, that time I had rats in a dingy apartment I lived in, but most terrifying - Rat Cow (Her great breasts can't manipulate me)...but maybe Sammi Hanratty's can....time will tell.