Bethenny Frankel Bi-Coastal On The Beach In Miami

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brian-mcgee - November 6, 2017

I didn't know that Real Housewife and booze hawker Bethenny Frankel was bi-coastal, but I sure am glad I know that now. You've really gotta keep both eyes on these housewives, as often as you can, because they're jam packed with surprises... that is when they're not slapping each other about the face and head. 

Looking at these pics of the forty seven year old Frankel, I can't help thinking to myself she doesn't look a day over forty five. She could seriously pass for forty four even, presuming that whomever she's attempting to fool has some sort of early onset glaucoma. Get that checked people! 

Anyway, a classy broad like Bethenny deserves a classy tune. And what classier guy is there than the original ex-Mr. Liza Minnelli himself, Peter Allen with his non-hit "Bi-Coastal." I find this the perfect song to kick back, relax, and enjoy while thinking of all the fun you can have by visiting both coasts, if you know what I'm getting at. And I think you do. That's why I enjoy your company, reader. And you enjoy mine. Bi-coastally speaking.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News