Nicki Minaj Debuts On Egotastic! Like a King (or Queen)

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bill-swift - December 29, 2010

Well, after approximately 18,731,804 letters demanding Nicki Minaj appear on the site, well, our friends at King magazine finally forced my hand with their cover spread on the Trinidadian born hip-hop diva. My resistance in the past has been the, oh, how do I put this, tranny stylings of Ms. Minaj. Let's just say that Cousin Jonathan's male hair style consultant put on a picture perfect 'Minaj' for this past Halloween, putting Nicki just a bit too far into the Gaga costume and drama camp for our likings. But, hot is hot. And sometimes, asstastic and hips like the cushions pushing the limits on the frame of Nicki Minaj just demand to be displayed. Welcome to Egotastic!, Nicki Minaj. Enjoy.

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