‘Neon Demon’ Hottie Abbey Lee Kershaw In Lingerie

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michael-garcia - July 19, 2016

Neon Demon co-star and all around bombshell Abbey Lee Kershaw modeled some tasty lingerie for Agent Provocateur. Call me old fashioned, but my favorite types of lingerie are the kind with a lot of lace, preferably black. Abbey obliges that preference in some very revealing lacy outfits. Yes, you can see through them to her lovely nips. That's really what you want out of lingerie: the tease. It doesn't serve the utilitarian purpose of just being underwear. For that you go and buy some cotton stuff at Target. Lingerie's sole purpose is to be provocative when it is sexy time. If a girl, especially one who looks like Abbey, enters your bedroom in this black lace stuff things are most definitely going down in a good way.

Abbey should seriously pursue being a full time lingerie model. She's got the knack for it, and by knack I mean the ta-tas and booty to make it work really well. Just some career advice from your friends at Egotastic.  


Photo Credit: Agent Provocateur