Need for Speed Most Wanted Doubles Up On New Trailers (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - August 3, 2012

It's a bold move for Criterion (makers of the beloved Burnout racing series) to simply call their new racing title Need for Speed Most Wanted. That specific title has come out before and fans might get confused in reading that. However, I  have no doubt that there won't be any confusion when gamers get this controllers in their hands and start racing and crashing like never before.

Crashing is the key because that activity should be a whole lot of fun inNFSMW. Nobody likes perfect racing anyway. In the clip above they show a Hummer racing through a city track. A Hummer! You know you're supposed to smash and ramble in you've got that clunky slow-ass thing on the gas.

The second trailer is just as spiffy because it's an announcement trailer of sorts. Enjoy two Need for Speed Most Wanted clips for the price of one.