Moon Bloodgood Bra Top!

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Tex Hollywood - April 7, 2020

Now I can't be too sure if this is a bra top or a bikini top, I haven't really figured out what the difference between the two are, because they basically have the same effect.

I wouldn't say I know who Moon Bloodgood is, but her name is on another level.

Apparently, she's a 44 year old actress from Terminator Salvation, which I've never seen and a show called Falling Skies, which I've never seen. She is on NCIS: Los Angeles, which I've never seen. So basically I've never seen her.

I did however see these selfies that I assume are for social media, which just goes to show you, revealing pictures of yourself are the best kind of marketing!!!

Bloodgood, along with having a crazy name, was born in Nebraska, raised in Anaheim, she is part Korean. She was a Laker girl and look how good she looks now!

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