Natalie Portman and Gael Garcia Bernal Back Together?

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bill-swift - June 16, 2006

Alert Lou Dobbs, or at least Stephen Colbert, because it looks like Natalie Portman is now supporting illegal immigration. Or something like that.

What am I talking about? Well, according to The New York Post, Natalie and her former flame, Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal, may be back in each other's arms, after a two year break.

The couple split in 2004 after a brief romance, but now friends are hoping the perfect pair will make commitments to stay together following a string of dates.

One pal tells tabloid In Touch, "They really love each other. They had hit a point in their relationship where it just couldn't go anywhere else and they just needed some time apart."

See? Mexicans are stealing all the best jobs... Of course, there's no photographic evidence of this reckindling, just a bunch of pictures of Natalie Portman strolling totally solo around Paris, but we'll take what we can get. Honestly, when it comes to Natalie Portman pictures, we're not too discriminating around here.

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