Mummified Cat Dunking a Mummified Bird–Would You Bid on This?

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bill-swift - September 23, 2012

I'd understand it if you hung a portrait of yourself on the wall or put up some weird-looking art installation in your den because it looks nice. But I wonder what the person who'll end up buying this mummified cat dunking a mummified bird into a basketball hoop will do with it once he or she gets it.

Sure, shows like The Walking Dead are crazy popular nowadays and that's making people buy into the zombie trend more and more. And while taxidermy has been around for many, many years, I still can't fathom why anyone would want to hang this dead cat and dead bird in their house (or in any other place, for that matter.)

It doesn't come cheap either, as the listing for the mummified cat and bird had a starting bid set at $550. The lot isn't available on eBay anymore (yeah, I checked for you guys, just in case one of you actually find this piece interestingcool oddly grotesque.)

Oh, well. Maybe you'd like a stuffed zombie eye instead? Just do a quick search on eBay--you'll find that (and other stuffed stuff) in a jiffy.

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