Mischa Barton Bikini Top Pictures for Her Continued Comeback

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bill-swift - January 5, 2012

Let's definitely call it a comeback because O.C. star Mischa Barton definitely let things slip and slide away their for a while since becoming one of our favorite young hotties on the boob tube just a few scant years ago. We applaud au natural, but it got a bit too natural. Now, the actress and reality star seems to be back to understanding that she's been blessed with some solid genes which if she doesn't abuse them, can get her back into the limelight, or at least the ogling spotlight, which is mostly what matters to us. 

Mischa gave another round of her bikini top glory in Miami, showing the starlet quality she still possesses, even the dismissive blank stare to the paparazzi, so key for your big time sexy celebrity to perfect. It's downright movie star facial expression territory. Yep, Mischa's definitely got that 'it' quality, and if 'it' continues to be bikini shots from the beach versus Double-Doubles at In-and-Out, she's going to be back in the big dance very soon. Enjoy.