Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton Wardrobe Malfunction Has Martin Sheen Peeping (Damn, Marty, You’re So Egotastic!)

We’ve all been there, my friend. Look on the bright side, getting busted peeking into a lovely lady celebrity open top is going to get you some shizz around the political correct haunts of Hollywood, but it also makes you an immediate Silver Member of Egotastic!, wherein you will discover that for all your fame and fortune and outspoken candor, you are merely a manimal like the rest of us. One of us! Isn’t it glorious.

Meanwhile, the entire gentleman ogler community can share a peek at Mischa Barton both going braless and wearing a plunging top to a screening of a documentary. This is not Mischa’s first trip down nip slip boulevard, so I’ll just assume she knew the directions ahead of time. She probably didn’t anticipate the Martin Sheen peep, but you never do. Looking good, Mischa. It’s nice to see you in the spotlight once more. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

Mischa Barton Pink Swimsuit Pics Reveal a Return to O.C. Form

Mischa Barton is one of those ‘never know what you’re gonna get’ celebrities that you, well, never know what you’re going to get when next you ogle her.

At times over the past several years, she’s looked more than rough around the edges, or even lost her edges, and at other times she’s looked like the Mischa Barton of old that we well remember dirty-boys-who-do-dirty-things-to-themselves quite delighting in in their private time fantasies.

In her current incarnation in a pink swimsuit on the beaches of Ibiza, Mischa looks rather like horny-inducing Mischa once again, with some new toned looking legs and a body that may not be quite ready yet for skimpy bikini, but it’s getting there. A most improved award is definitely in order. Enjoy.

Mischa Barton Looks Super Hot in June 2012 Vanidad Magazine

Mischa Barton Flashes Some Sideboob for Women for Women

A couple deep puffs of Purple Urkle and you can get Mischa Barton looking happy and showy on just about any red carpet in town, including last night’s Women for Women Gala where the former O.C. star was all decked out and looking pretty nice, flashing some sideboob for the paparazzi and trying to remind everybody that she’s got a reality show of some kind filming somewhere.

Sometimes, being lit up isn’t a bad thing; and for Mischa, it’s sort of a permanent state of being. Enjoy.

Who Looks More High on the Red Carpet? Lindsay Lohan or Mischa Barton?

Okay, just so we don’t get sued for a bazillion dollars, let me say, despite photographic and/or legal evidence of both of these celebrities past drug use, we have no idea if they were toking, blazing, popping, snorting, chugging, or otherwise imbibing any non-legal toxicants last night before hitting their respect red carpet events.

Still, just check out those eyes on newly un-probated Lindsay Lohan at the Star Magazine ‘All-Hollywood’ event last night in Tinsel Town…

…and, across town, Mischa Barton on the scarlet carpet for BritWeek…

both of these 20-something Valley of the Dolls like ladies looking just a tad bit stonier for the wear. I’m getting a contact high just looking at their photos. Enjoy.

Mischa Barton BritWeek Party in Los Angeles

Lindsay Lohan, Katy Perry, Paris Hilton, and Other Celebs Flock to the Coachella Music Festival

I guess there’s two ways to look at it, if you’re throwing a party in the Hollywood Hills, you’ve kind of made it when Lindsay Lohan and Billionaire Barbie stumble into your pad all kinds of wobbly and wasted, however, when you’re throwing what you label as an indie rock concert, yeah, not so much on the credibility.

But, so they came, LiLo, Paris, Vanessa Hudgens, Nina Dobrev, Fergie, Jamie Chung, Katy Perry, Mischa Barton, and scores of other celebutantes, to the Coachella Music Festival, or, should we say, to the special select V.I.P. area of the concert cordoned off from the general riff-raff so that finer alcohol and better drugs could be served in the safety of a celebrity friendly environment.

The only thing missing from complete Coachella sell-out was Justin Bieber throwing down gang signs. But I’m sure if we look hard enough, that was going on somewhere. Enjoy.