Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel Deliver a Heavenly Lingerie Competition to Heat Up Winter

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bill-swift - January 16, 2013

Victoria's Secret is really cranking out the lingerie content this time of year, preparing for their biggest season of the year, Valentine's and into Spring. It's the high season for skimpy little nothings, and the pre-eminent lingerie brand has cranked up the steam and sweat (that would be our steam and sweat) with two amazing new catalog pictorials from Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel, the two giants in the V.S. lineup.

Now, with less than one month until Valentine's Day, we surely hope you've got your shizz starting to lineup, because you do know that there will be nookie in the final month of winter should you fail at this trite, but important annual ritual of giveness. So, get 'er done early, and, remember what Uncle Ego says, 'Actual results may vary' when transitioning lingerie off the bodies of Miranda and Candice and onto your squeeze. So, consider wisely. Enjoy.