Miley Cyrus Pilates Classes Offer Up More Sweaty Sexy Body and Bra Shots of the Gravel-Voiced Diva

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bill-swift - April 6, 2012

Spring has sprung here in the City of Angels and the celebrities like the rest of us (minus myself) are hitting the gym hard to get the bodies in shape for warmer weather season, summer concerts, and the like, including Miley Cyrus, our favorite little smoker-voice teen diva who has been putting down the salvia and beers of late in favor of some daily Pilates work.

The benefits to Miley are healthier body and mind, the benefits to us are routinely seeing Miley in her skimpy little workout gear, bare-midriff thin tops, bra peeks, tight sweaty stretch pants (oh, once again, bless you stretch pants). I'd call this a win-win. Enjoy.